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Do your customers ask you to host their applications so they can close their own data center co-lo, or server closet? If you are unable to offer them this service, they may find a new IT company to partner with. BlueDot builds private clouds for service providers with proven technology and processes.


If you manage IT infrastructure, you need to monitor it for availability and changes in usage. Tools like SolarWinds and Nimsoft are prohibitively expensive. With our monitoring services, you can implement a more cost effective solution to keep your costs low and your customers happy.

"We had several monitoring solutions through acquisitions and wanted to unify our offering. BlueDot implemented a new monitoring system, customized and updated scripts, and worked with us through the migration of several clients, setting us up for success in moving away from costly monitoring systems and on our way to saving over $50,000 per year in support fees" Mike Kelley
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Our solutions are proven, and supported the growth from fewer than 50 hosted servers to nearly 3,000 at a rate of over 100% YoY growth. Partnering with BlueDot to deploy and manage your hosting platform ensures success for your customers.


The competition is fierce. Private equity is investing in your competition. How will you survive? You need to be able to offer the same services as your competition, and BlueDot can help get you there.

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