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Managed Security

understand the threat

Security is more than just firewalls and anti-virus. We work with you to ensure your staff understands the rising threats targeting them and your business, and work with leading vulnerability and penetration scanninig vendors to create a custom solution to keep you protected.

protect and recover

Number of known
breaches in 2019


Records lost
(that have been made public).


Security is not just prevention, but recovery. Giving you the ability to recovery your business quickly in case of a successful attack is our primary goal. We work with you to develop a recover plan in case of a disaster, both natural and human, so you continue to serve your customers and protect your largest investments.

Companies that will go out of business
within 6 months of a data disaster


What you get

Security services specific for your unique needs that provide protection against known threats, regular testing of processes, monitoring for changes, and the ability to recover quickly in case you are victimized.

Requst a meeting

Managed security benefits

   Primary support contact

A subject matter expert to ensure your questions are answered properly.

   industry leading monitoring

Our monitoring capabilities are unmatched and offer you insight into how your systems and applications are performing, and identify changes that can indicate exploits and attacks.

  Better value

We utilize open source technologies wherever possible to help save you money while providing optimal services.

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