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Cloud Services

Migrations and management

With over a decade managing public cloud services, and architecting and managing private cloud infrastructure, having BlueDot as a partner gives you the resources you need to deploy your public, private, and hybrid cloud strategies. We work with you from planning through migration, and fully support your services in the cloud.

what you get

We work with you to develop a migration plan, working within your budget to secure your instances, ensure high availability, and fully utilize the services available so you get the most benefit for you money.

cloud security

Cloud computing provides you flexibility to start and stop instances, grow on demand, and implement high availability across regions at a reasonable monthly cost. But those costs can grow unexpectedly when utilization increases, or if you are expoited. We monitor cloud instances and utilization to ensure you are not caught by surprise by new or increased instance utilization, or if you are affected by instrastructure issues.

Requst a meeting

Managed cloud benefits

   Primary support contact

A subject matter expert to ensure your questions are answered properly.


Cloud solutions offer easy of growth for your business, but keeping costs in line is a challenge our experience helps you face.


Partnering with BlueDot for your cloud services means you get the experience you need without additional staff, freeing up resources that can be used in areas that offer greater benefit.

  Industry leading monitoring

We have the ability to monitor all aspects of your cloud utilization, including billing, for public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

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