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Pharma and Biotech companies are facing new challenges with compliance, security, and soaring costs of product development. Partnering with a managed services firm with experience in your industry can significantly reduce costs in managing your technology infrastructure and applications.

Our team of experienced infrastructure, database, and application engineers understand the unique needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and work with you to design, implement, and support your enterprise solutions or assist in the management of your existing services.

Understanding your requirements and objectives is our priority. With services from BlueDot, you will have a primary support engineer who is a subject matter expert for the technologies under management so you have someone familiar with your business processes, and leadership and support staff, to ensure our service delivery exceeds your expectations.


If the public cloud is not an option, BlueDot Technology offers secure private cloud hosting compliant with healthcare regulations


We monitor all devices and applications under support and provide custom scripts and thresholds to ensure we capture all data points without the flood of false or ignorable alerts


We are committed to making sure you remain compliant, for any regulation, in your data center or private or public cloud


Deployment strategy, database and application architecture, performance, and troubleshooting to ensure your data is accessible

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