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Monitoring Services

"We had several monitoring solutions through acquisitions and wanted to unify our offering. BlueDot implemented a new monitoring system, customized and updated scripts, and worked with us through the migration of several clients, setting us up for success in moving away from costly monitoring systems and on our way to saving over $50,000 per year in support fees" Mike Kelley
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enterprise-class monitoring

As a Zabbix partner, you not only get an enterprise ready monitoring system and access to community monitors, scripts, and templates, you also get expert support and over a decade experience with the worlds best open-source monitoring system.

insight into your stack

With low level discovery we automatically detect and monitor any changes to your environment, from additional network interfaces on a virtual host, or a new database created on a Windows or Linux server.

Automation is a key factor in the success of any monitoring system, and it's a focus for BlueDot's monitoring experts. Continuous development, continuous improvement. We are always looking to improve how we monitor, and develop the ability to expa

What you get

A primary support contact for the life of your contract who has the knowledge to deliver the best solutions for your business, and work with you to ensure your company and data are secure and you are getting maximum value from our relationship.

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Data Collection

Collect metrics from any network attached device, system, or application

  • Active or passive agent
  • SNMP, IPMI, and other agentless monitors
  • Custom scripts and methods
  • Browser emulated web monitoring
  • Strong encryption between agents, proxies, and servers
Custom data collection

Featured Video: Auto-Recovery

Watch to see how we can automatically restart failed or under-performing services.

Predictive alerts

Problem Detection

Smart thresholds, aggregate checks, predictive functions

  • Anomaly detection
  • Regular expression matching
  • Multiple severity levels
  • Trigger dependencies

Custom Dashboards

A single pane of glass

  • Custom graphs, network maps
  • Audit user activity
  • Internal, LDAP, or web server authentication
  • Host and user groups add extra security
Custom dashboards
Escalate extended outages


Custom integrations for notification

  • Send emails, text and jabber messages
  • Automatically recover alerting services
  • Escalate unresolved problems
  • Integrate with your ticket system

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