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enterprise-class monitoring


As a Zabbix partner and MSP with over a decade experience in monitoring enterprise systems, BlueDot Technology is uniquely positioned to fully manage your monitoring efforts and help deliver maximum uptime and performance.

"We had several monitoring solutions through acquisitions and wanted to unify our offering. BlueDot implemented a new monitoring system, customized and updated scripts, and worked with us through the migration of several clients, setting us up for success in moving away from costly monitoring systems and on our way to saving over $50,000 per year in support fees" Mike Kelley
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Server Monitoring

We cover Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems for agent-based monitoring, IPMI, SMTP, and custom methods. We use low-level discovery to detect changes in network devices, disks, services, and more. Network level discovery is available to detect new systems, apply templates, and set security policies. Our default templates monitor CPU, memory, disk space, running services, network throughput, and much more with custom metrics available.

Network Monitoring

We remotely monitor your network devices, including routers, switches, load balancers, and wireless access points. Alerts for changes in port speeds, utilization, and availability are standard, and low-level discovery is available for active ports and more.


Knowing how your utilization changes day over day is key to understanding how your applications perform. We monitor and trend storage system throughput so we can tie utilization and latency into performance issues in the infrastructure so you can be 100% sure about where your bottlenecks are.

Databases & Applications

With Zabbix’s low-level discovery we can detect new databases and metrics in your MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle instances. Monitor and alert on long running queries, high IO, stuck threads, and many more items.

Application monitoring is accomplished with browser emulation, Java inspection, and through custom methods. We monitor web sites for status codes, throughput, and latency, and can execute scenarios to login to sites, click through pages, and submit changes, tracking the performance of each step.


Attached devices are often overlooked when monitoring servers and desktops, but it’s a key focus of our monitoring services for our retail and manufacturing clients. The low bandwidth requirements of agent-based monitoring provide solutions for your remote locations, even if they are on dial-up.

Data Collection

Collect metrics from any network attached device, system, or application

  • Active or passive agent
  • SNMP, IPMI, and other agentless monitors
  • Custom scripts and methods
  • Browser emulated web monitoring
  • Strong encryption between agents, proxies, and servers
Custom data collection

Featured Video: Auto-Recovery

Watch to see how we can automatically restart failed or under-performing services.

Predictive alerts

Problem Detection

Smart thresholds, aggregate checks, predictive functions

  • Anomaly detection
  • Regular expression matching
  • Multiple severity levels
  • Trigger dependencies

Custom Dashboards

A single pane of glass

  • Custom graphs, network maps
  • Audit user activity
  • Internal, LDAP, or web server authentication
  • Host and user groups add extra security
Custom dashboards
Escalate extended outages


Custom integrations for notification

  • Send emails, text and jabber messages
  • Automatically recover alerting services
  • Escalate unresolved problems
  • Integrate with your ticket system

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