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Choose BlueDot Technology for your Managed IT Services in the Greater Boston area

BlueDot Technology offers infrastructure managed services to provide a cost-effective solution to your technology needs. With expertise in network, storage, systems, virtualization, and all modern operating systems, we can manage your entire infrastructure or cover the gaps in your capability.


Device from Cisco, Citrix, Kemp, Fortinet, and more. We fully manage routers, switches, load balancers, and wireless devices. We monitor ports for state, throughput, and errors, as well as device availability, temperature, and utilization.


We fully manage your fiber, iSCSI, or network attached storage area network. We have expertise with arrays from many vendors, including HP, EMC, Infinidat, and more. We monitor performance and availability, create and manage volumes, and integrate with virtualization technologies.


From the industry leading vSphere to application specific platforms like Oracle VM, our expertise ensures your infrastructure will be stable, high performing, and highly available. We design and implement new solutions, upgrade and manage existing installations, and monitor all aspects of the virtual infrastructure.

Operating Systems

From Windows servers to mainframe systems to open source, we cover every modern operating system and their integration and virtualization features, including Hyper-V, IBM LPARs, HP vPar and nPars, Solaris LDOMs and Zones.

Oracle Engineered Devices

Oracle systems offer high performance and cloud-ready workloads for Oracle databases and applications, and our team of engineers have experience managing every aspect, including the Oracle relationship.


We monitor everything under support, so we know before you and your users do that problems are occurring. Our experience in monitoring large scale infrastructures provides expertise that few managed services providers can offer. If we can get output from a service, we can monitor and trend it, creating custom thresholds, actions, and escalations.

Our expertise in these technologies sets us apart from competitors and our automation efforts reduce overhead keeping costs low. We cover every aspect of a device under support, from user management to performance to vendor service requests; no nickel and diming.

Managed services benefits

   Primary support contact

A subject matter expert to ensure your questions are answered properly.

   industry leading monitoring

Our monitoring capabilities are unmatched and offer you insight into how your systems and applications are performing, and identify changes that can indicate exploits and attacks.

  Better value

Automation, experience, and proven processes keep our services affordable, maximizing the value of your investment in IT.


Protect your information from ransomware and other exploits.

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