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Healthcare is a significant target for ransomware attacks, which increased 235 percent in the first quarter of 2019 according to Malwarebytes. Whether you are a hospital, insurance provider, or research organization, threats against your infrastructure, scrutiny of your processes, and regulatory compliance requirements has never been a greater challenge.

We work with healthcare companies to secure, manage, and monitor their systems and applications, and migrate to secure private or public cloud facilities. We offer disaster recovery and data protection solutions so you can recover quickly in case of a natural disaster or cyber-attack.

BlueDot Technology’s managed services for Healthcare provide your organization with the high level of security you need to protect your client or research data in an affordable monthly service. We have the breadth of experience required to manage all your systems and applications, working with your software vendors to ensure best practices are being followed, and issues are resolved quickly, or work with your existing IT team to expand your capabilities and cover areas wherever gaps exists.



We monitor all devices under support and provide custom scripts and thresholds to ensure we capture all data points without the flood of false or ignorable alerts

   Backup & DR

We manage and monitor backups, ensuring your data is secured off-site in case of loss or corruption


We are committed to making sure you remain compliant, for any regulation, in your data center or private or public cloud


We support a number of data storage devices and services, to keep costs reasonable as your requirements grow

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