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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data protection

We monitor backups and regularly test the ability to restore so you can be sure your business can return to operation quickly in case a disaster strikes.

how we do it

BlueDot partners with industry leading backup and recovery providers so we can create a solution that is perfectly tailored to your systems, services, and budget. We offer off-site backup solutions to the public or private cloud to guarantee your data is secured in case of a large scale disaster.


With the monitoring and reporting services for backup and disaster recovery, you're free to get back to focusing on what matters most to you and your company, knowing you are covered in case of any disaster that may come.

Requst a meeting

Backup & DR Benefits

   Primary support contact

A subject matter expert to ensure your questions are answered properly.

   industry leading monitoring

Our monitoring capabilities are unmatched and offer you insight into how your systems and applications are performing, and identify changes that can indicate exploits and attacks.

  Better value

We utilize open source technologies wherever possible to help save you money while providing optimal services.

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