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About BlueDot Technology

BlueDot Technology was found by Matt Iavarone after spending many years building and maintaining an infrastructure services and managed hosting team at TriCore Solutions, growing the number of hosted servers from fewer than 50 to more than 2,500, and remote managed servers from just over 200 to more than 2,000. TriCore was acquired in 2017 and BlueDot Technology was created to continue the tradition of providing exceptional managed services and hosting for enterprise applications to our clients.

With over 25 years’ experience supporting manufacturing, healthcare, retail, pharmaceutical, and financial services companies (and much more), Matt leads the technical services at BlueDot to deliver unmatched services covering networks, systems, applications, databases, public and private clouds, and security.

Why we are different


Setting us apart from other managed services providers is the breadth of experience and expertise we offer to our clients. We go far beyond standard operating system and network device support, managing and monitoring all aspects of your infrastructure. From edge network devices to enterprise and custom applications, we are a true end-to-end services company.

Unparalleled Service

We monitor every network device, server, storage array, and application under management as part of our standard service. We do not limit the number of tickets or hours per month. We manage through automation, so we can execute tasks quickly and efficiently while keeping your systems and applications secure.


We are a Zabbix partner with over a decade of experience deploying and maintaining monitoring infrastructure for clients. Our approach is continuous improvement, continuous development, ensuring we collect all the data necessary to manage and understand your systems and adjust thresholds to address issues promptly and identify root causes quickly.

Technology Agnostic

BlueDot does not sell hardware or software. We do not push our agenda to sell more licenses, servers, or network devices. We partner with you to help determine the best solutions for your company and work with you to implement and support them. Our partnerships are about adding value to our services, not costs to our valued clients.

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